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School Reopening - Revised timetable

Dear Parents and Pupils please find attached the revised timetable:


You will receive a text today to let you know which group and day your child has been allocated.

Please make sure you adhere to times and social distancing at all times




Start and finish times as follows;


Reception 9.00 am  pick up 12.00 pm (no lunch needed only snacks)


Year 2 8.45 am pick up 2.15 pm


Year 3 8.30 am pickup 2.00 pm


Year 4 9.15 am pick up 2.45 pm


Year 1 8.45 am pick up 2.15 pm


Year 5 8.30 am pick up 2.00 pm


Year 6 9.00 am pick up 2. 30 pm




Please be aware groups will be allocated alphabetically.


If your child is not coming in to school there will still be online work shared on HWB.


Also a transition video from your child’s new class teacher in September will be posted on HWB.


Kind regards


Mrs. Juliet Stack