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Dear Parents and Pupils,


I hope you and your families are well and keeping safe in these difficult times. I can confirm the school will re-open in the Autumn Term – Tuesday September 1st will be a preparation day for all staff and we will welcome all pupils back on Wednesday September 2nd .


  •  All pupils will be welcomed to return on Wednesday September 2nd
    Nursery – Year 6.
    Please be aware that Nursery is not statutory and if you decide that you do not want your child to start in September a place will still be kept for them until you feel it is right for them to attend.

  • Staff will all have a preparation and training day on Tuesday September 1st regarding Health and Safety for the term ahead. Classrooms are being reorganised and areas are being prepared for the return of your children. However, please be aware and accept that the risk of spreading Covid-19 in the school cannot be totally mitigated.

  • Children will need to wear their school uniform in line with school policy.

  • We will be aiming to * group learners together *avoiding contact between groups as much as possible *arranging classrooms with forward facing desks *staff maintaining distance from

    older learners and other staff as much as possible.

  • Under no circumstances should learners or staff attend schools/setting if they: feel unwell,

    have any of the four identified COVID-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or loss of taste or smell) or they have tested positive to COVID-19 in the past 7 days or live in a household with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive to COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

  • Guidance relating to face coverings are subject to change leading to the start of term, however if they are necessary in September face coverings when pupils/ children and staff who use them arrive at the setting should be removed at the gate. All users should not touch the front of their face covering during use or when removing them. They must wash their hands immediately on arrival (as is the case for all), dispose of temporary face coverings in a covered bin or place reusable face coverings in a plastic bag they can take home with them, and then wash their hands again before heading to their classroom.

  • Breakfast Club will begin on Wednesday September 2nd at 8 am and will be payable from that date £1.50 per day and 75p for siblings. All pupils will have breakfast and childcare in their classes and not in the Hall. Please only use this service if it is needed.

  • Wraparound for Tiny Tadpoles will also be available from Wednesday September 2nd please book this in advance on Tuesday September 1st if you wish to use this service.

  •  All children who attend the school will need a packed lunch, snack and a drink brought in a disposable bag for the first two weeks. Children who are entitled to Free School Meals or who would like to purchase a meal from the canteen can do so using the online SQuid system from September 14th when there will be limited hot meal options. All lunches will be eaten by your child in their classroom with supervision. Pupils should bring their own pencils, pencil cases etc. and should not share with others. No pupil bags will be permitted on the premises. Coats should be brought only if necessary and will be hung on your child’s chair.

  • Be aware and accept that should your child develop symptoms they will need to be collected as soon as possible from the emergency isolation room and yourself and your family will have to self- isolate for the required time as per government guidelines.

  • All pupils will need to be brought to school by your own transport if possible or by walking if you can– please park in Coed-Gwilym/ Church carpark and road (please be mindful of residents driveways ) and observe social distancing at all times. Only one parent should bring the child/ ren up the lane. If you are too early please wait in your car and not at the school gate or top of the driveway- we need to minimise adults and pupils mixing together. Please use the facing right hand side to walk up and hold your child’s hand and observe 2 metres distancing from all other parents and pupils.

  • Pupils in Year5 and 6 should enter and exit the school via the park gate entrance ONLY next to the demountable building and NOT the lane. Please walk through the tennis courts and along the side of the fence and avoid the field. Please make sure to socially distance throughout the journey to the park gate. If your child is attending breakfast club they would come down the school driveway not through the park.

  • Pupils who are entitled to free school transport will be contacted by County and given arrangements of transport when they are available.

  • The school will be using the website, Twitter and emails to keep you updated.

  • It is your duty to take your child’s temperature and be aware of the symptoms of Covid 19.

  • Your child will then go their allocated classroom (we will be using the demountable building

    but have added hand sanitisers and outside sinks as a precaution) entering through the fire exit of each classroom where they will be met and asked to sanitise their hands. All pupils will wash their hands with soap and water then and during the day.

  • Teachers remain in the same classes as last year.

  • Miss Thompson – Nursery 

  • Mrs. Weaver- Reception 

  • Miss. Torrance – Year 1

  • Mrs. Brannigan – Year 2

  • Mr. Reed – Year 3

  • Mrs. James – Year 4

  • Mrs. Jones – Year 5 

  • Mrs. Mort – Year 6.


  • All classes have uploaded transition videos for their new classes.

  • Nursery – Year 4 parents will need to leave the school via the main gate and walk along the opposite side of the lane observing social distancing with other parents at all times or park gate for Year 5 and 6. The same procedure will be followed at the end of the day. No cars will be allowed to park on the lane. Pupils will not be allowed out of the school/ setting premises unless collected by an agreed adult at the end of the session.

  • We strongly advise you to go straight to your transport and leave the park premises and do not gather on the lane on the pavement or in the park. Please be responsible and be on time and leave immediately so we can stagger start and finish times and make safety a priority. All pupils will be provided with a detailed induction to the school setting in September which will include a presentation highlighting school arrangements, behaviour expectations and support that is available to them.

  • All children and adults, including staff, must wash their hands-on entry to the school for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Where possible, young children will be supervised to ensure it is carried out correctly. Hand washing will take place at regular intervals during the day (on arrival, after each activity, before food, after toilet use, and on departure). Staff will ensure that all children are shown the correct way to do this as part of the return induction and thereafter. Information will be displayed in all welfare facilities and classrooms. Staff will encourage pupils not to touch their face. Use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste

  • Cleaning and disinfecting tables will be undertaken during the day and each classroom will be provided with appropriate cleaning materials (disinfectant and cloths). Staff will have access to PPE should they need it in a first aid or intimate care situation.

  • Social distancing must be maintained with adults in the setting and in the interest of safety, there will be no face to face meetings with parents/ responsible adults and no adults will be allowed into any of the school buildings. If necessary, discussions will be made over the telephone.

  • If you have siblings you should arrive with them at the latest time and earliest pick up time and not separately. Please be aware due health and safety of staggered start and finish times we cannot have late or early pick up times.

  • You will need to exit the school lane / park and car park as quickly as possible to allow the next group of pupils to attend/ leave. Please be aware that unless we can manage this we may have to change timings and limit entrance/ exit- this will be monitored by Health and Safety officers.

  • Lunchtimes / playtimes will be staggered with groups eating outside if weather permits.

  • There will be no after school clubs for the first half term – this will then be re-assessed by Governors in the Autumn Term.

  • You will be provided with a newsletter about your child’s new topic in the new term which will inform you of when their games/ gym day is – on that day your child may wear their gym kit to school.

  • Reading will be completed in the school day and no books will be sent home for the first half term. Please could you return all school reading books when your child returns to assist in this please.

  • All homework will be given online to increase pupils (and parents) participation in usingHWB and accessing work in case of a second shut down.

  • Governors and staff are consulting on an online blended teaching approach in case of a shutdown and you will be sent information and permission for your child to take part in this in the new term when the policy has been agreed by all.


  • Start and finish times as follows from Wednesday September 2nd ;


  • Nursery 9.10 pick up 11.40 am
    Reception 8.30 am pick up 3.00 pm
    Year 1 8.40 am pick up 3.10 pm
    Year 2 8.50 am pick up 3.20 pm
    Year 3 9.00 am pick up 3.30 pm
    Year 4 9.10 am pick up 3.40 pm
    Year 5 8.40am pick up 3.10 pm – drop off and pick up from park gate Year 6 8.50am pick up 3.20pm – drop off and pick up from park gate


  • Please make sure you are not too early or late due to social distancing and allowing classes to leave the building and lane quickly.


  • Kind regards

    Mrs. Juliet Stack