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Dear Parent or Guardian,


School Funding


You may have seen a number of stories in the press around school funding. There have been worrying headlines and we felt it important that we let you know, as far as we are able at this stage, how this will affect our school.


School budgets across the country have been under pressure for some time. The senior leadership team at The Bishop Vaughan Family of schools have been grappling with the funding challenges, leading to a number of tough decisions being made such as staff reduction. Similarly, the Governing Bodies have grown increasingly concerned with the struggle to make ends meet and deliver the education your children deserve and which we and you want for them.


Our schools are not alone. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has launched a national funding campaign and this letter is part of that campaign


We will continue to work hard in our schools to ensure that cuts have the least impact possible on teaching and learning. However, rising costs and a depleted budget mean that tough decisions may have to be taken. We cannot guarantee that cuts will not need to be made and that as a result, there would be a near certain negative impact on teaching, despite the fact that we would do our utmost to prevent that happening.


Please be assured that we will take great care with budgets, to ensure all the money we have is spent fully and to best effect, on your children. We are also letting the local authority and government know just how serious the funding crisis has become.


We promise to let you know in plenty of time if our budget means we’ll have to take a significant decision on staffing or activities.


Please support our campaign in the press and media and write to our local MP, AM and Councillors.



Yours sincerely,



Head Teacher/Chair of Governors