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The Welsh Government requires all pupils from Years 2 to 6 to sit three national tests (Reading, Numeracy Procedural, and Numeracy Reasoning).  Since the start of the tests in 2015, the tests have been paper tests.  For the first time this year, the Numeracy Procedural test is completed as an ‘Online Personalised Assessment’.  The idea being that “Online personalised assessments provide a tailored assessment experience for each learner. The purpose of these assessments is to help all learners develop their skills through understanding what they can do, the things they need to work on, and their next steps.”


As schools have completed the online tests with pupils, a range of issues have emerged.  These include technical problems and questions being inappropriate for the age/ability of the pupil, e.g. circle theorem questions and numbers to 3 decimal places for Year 2 pupils to name but a few.


The reporting of the online tests only will be different to previous years.  Schools are informed that parents will be able to log in to their child’s Hwb account and access a learner feedback report.  The Reading and Numeracy Reasoning results will be reported as in previous year with a summary sent home at the end of the summer term. 


Welsh Government have asked schools for feedback in order to improve the online tests in future, as they remain a statutory obligation, with reading and reasoning tests going online by 2021.  Swansea headteachers have communicated their concerns of the flawed online assessment to the Local Authority who are liaising with Welsh Government. 


Schools have always emphasised a one off half hour test does not accurately measure a pupil’s ability.  Teachers use a range of information when making assessments.  We ask parents to receive their child’s results of this year’s online national procedural test with caution.