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Emergency childcare settings to be available over Bank Holidays and weekends.

The Welsh Government and our Local Authority intend that emergency childcare settings will be available over Bank Holidays and weekends.  This extended provision will, however, only be available for blue light/health care workers and likely to be operated from the comprehensive schools only.
 The Local Authority is working towards setting up cover provision for weekend working and it is expected that childcare offers are available from the weekend of Saturday 11 April and Sunday 12 April onwards. This is what would have been the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.  In order to do this we need to know the level of expected demand.
 If your child is eligible for the free childcare offer for key workers (ie blue light and health care workers ONLY), please fill in this survey in order to support the school and Local Authority to plan and prepare provision. DO NOT COMPLETE IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT ELIGIBLE. You will need to complete this form for EACH child.
 The school has to submit this information to the Local Authority on Friday 3rd April. Please complete this form by 12pm on that day. Thank you.