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Emergency Childcare Information and Application Form

Emergency Childcare Information and Application Form


For the next two weeks of the national situation we are all facing, all schools in the Bishop Vaughan Cluster (St. Joseph’s Cathedral School, St. Joseph’s Clydach, St. David’s and St Illtyd’s) will be open to provide for the childcare needs for children of key workers highlighted below. This will help to ensure that these key workers will be able to continue to carry out their essential work.


Please be mindful that this provision will be for those children of workers in essential roles. This is part of the national aim of limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus through social distancing. Please take this into consideration when applying to utilise the provision. Access for the provision will be prioritized to:


  • NHS staff
  • Blue light emergency services staff
  • Prison workers
  • Social care workers
  • School staff


This is subject to review and may be extended to others once detailed definitions are provided by Welsh Government. 


  • Primary age children may attend their usual school or any other of the cluster primary schools (e.g. if another is closer to the parent workplace)
  • Bishop Vaughan pupils (up to the age of 14) may attend Bishop Vaughan, or any of the cluster primary schools (e.g. if siblings attend a primary/ if a primary school is closer to the parent workplace)
  • Year 5 and 6 pupils from any of the cluster primaries may attend Bishop Vaughan if it is closer to the parent workplace


If parents are expected to work at home at this time, they should NOT send their children to this emergency childcare provision at school. This again would increase the level of risk to their own children and to those of essential workers such as NHS staff unnecessarily.


Parents and carers may be asked for proof of entitlement (for example, a work ID badge).


From the weeks commencing Monday 23rd March and Monday 30th March, the provision will be offered at the schools daily on weekdays from 8am until 5pm. After this two week period, the days and hours of provision will be subject to review based upon need.


Please be aware that that this is for emergency childcare provision only at this present time. There will not be statutory educational provision in the first two weeks; pupils will not be missing out on education provision. Meals will be provided (from breakfast onwards) throughout the day free of charge. Children can, of course, bring their own if you wish. Children will not be required to wear school uniform as formal education will not be taking place.