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Dear Parent/Guardian,


We are pleased to announce we have organised a ‘Daffi Day’ with locally based textile recycling company Dragon Bags in order to raise funds for; REFURBISHMENT OF THE SCHOOL TOILETS.


Dragon Bags works only with schools across Wales and by getting involved in our ‘Daffi Day’, you will be able to help us to raise funds for our school’s cause, help the environment by diverting items from landfill and also help our amazing local fire fighters gain much needed support.


Our school will receive £500 for every ton collected (50p/kg)


To get involved simply fill the bags provided with clothes, paired shoes, bags, belts (if you need more room you can use any other plastic bag). All items must be in good reusable condition (so please nothing ripped or stained). The collection will be taking place on; FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16TH.


This is a great opportunity for us to show that we, as a school, care about the environment, ethics and sustainability. Let’s all get involved and have a great collection, thank you in advance.


Yours faithfully,


Juliet Stack