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Clydach Community Plan

Clydach Community Council has recently launched a survey to help develop a community plan. This plan, when finalised, will help us understand the feelings of the people who live, work and play within Clydach. It will also help us develop our budget and priorities, and gives a tremendous amount of strength when we are lobbying local authorities, local government, individuals and other departments around issues within our area.


So far we have 124 responses.

As well as the online survey, we will be visiting various groups within the area to get as many responses from a cross section of our community as possible.

We would be extremely grateful if you could promote this survey via your website / facebook page / twitter account or newsletter to help us get as many responses as possible. Many of the issues questioned within the survey would affect you as schools, and most definitely the children who attend.

There is also a welsh version of the  survey.  ENGLISH WELSH