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Catapult Investigation

Before Easter we did a science experiment on catapults. We had to design a catapult with lolly pop sticks, glue and blue tack. Then we went out in the hall way and used 3 different sweets to see which one would shoot the furthest. The sweets we used were Mint Imperials, Marshmallows and Chewits. I thought the Mint imperials were going to go the furthest because they are round and that makes it better to shoot and I thought the Marshmallows were not going to work well because they are too big. When we did the experiment we first shot the mint imperial which went 1m 10cm we did that five times but the furthest it went was 2m 35cm. The Marshmallow went 65cm first but we also did it five times, the furthest it went was 75cm which is very different from the Mint Imperials. The first go of the Chewits was 80cm as the other sweets we did it five different times the furthest it went was 1m. My prediction was right! ,I thought this science experiment was so much fun because I liked working together and making the catapult. We all got a sweet at the end.       
By Kathryn

Catapult Investigation

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