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Welcome to Reception

Our class saint is Saint Nicholas, who was the bishop of Myra in Lycia, which is known today as Turkey. He was a kind man, known for his good deeds and selfless acts of charity. There are many stories about him and his legendary habit of secret gift-giving, which gives rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus!

Our Topics this term are:
Long Ago – how we grow and change, how life in the past was different from today  Do cows drink milk? – life on the farm
Ready, steady, grow! - where does our food come from? healthy lifestyles 
Signs of Spring - what changes happen during the Spring?

Our Religious Education branches this term are: Galilee to Jerusalem – the children will hear the stories of the Wise Men, Jesus welcoming and blessing the little children and the feeding of the 5000. They will also begin learning the ‘Glory Be’, understanding that it is a special prayer and also, how important it is to welcome and show love to everyone in our words and actions – just like Jesus! 
Desert to Garden – the children will hear a simplified version of the events of Holy Week, learn about Lent and how we and various other cultures celebrate Lent and Easter.
Literacy and Numeracy - This term we are continuing to reinforce letter sounds and names and learning to blend, read and write simple CVC words, as well as continuing to practise correct letter formation.

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